The Osteopathy practiced at FISIOVIDA can very effectively and quickly treat problems like backache (lumbago), neck pain (cervicalgia), tendinitis, torticollis, disc herniation, sciatica, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and more.

This is a therapeutic approach that studies movement dysfunctions at the neuro-musculo-skeletal, visceral and cranial level and which seeks to eliminate pain and bring balance to the body through exclusively manual techniques, restoring normal movement, position and vascularization.

Why choose the model of Osteopathy practiced at FISIOVIDA instead of the models practiced at other clinics?

Our success can be explained by the specialized training of our physical therapists:

  • The physical therapists at FISIOVIDA have at least 9-10 years of specialized training: 4 years of undergraduate training in Physical Therapy + 2 to 6 years of training in Osteopathy by the Madrid School of Osteopathy (EOM) or by the Belgian Academy of Osteopathy;

  • Most of FISIOVIDA’s physical therapists specializing in Osteopathy completed their training at EOM, a benchmark School of international renown;
  • Just like all other methods used at FISIOVIDA, the Osteopathy we practice takes a global view of the human body and always has the goal of finding the true cause of the problem and treating it. The results are normally fast and effective!

    At FISIOVIDA, Osteopathy and Physical Therapy are complementary, with Osteopathy providing a general liberation and re-harmonization of the body while our Advanced Physical Therapy together with Global Postural Re-education, Clinical Pilates and the ECOS department work to maintain the body’s new posture and develop the muscles that contribute to greater static and dynamic stability of the patient.

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