ECOS – Clinical Exercise and Health Optimization is a service provided by FISIOVIDA as part of our Advanced Physical Therapy concept. It is the product of the constant research of the FISIOVIDA team and the need for even more complete personal treatment.

Today, EXERCISE is unanimously considered a required activity for staying healthy. MOVEMENT is an inherent part of human life, both in our daily activities and in the practice of sports.

This concept goes beyond knowledge of the muscles and joints, but above all proposes to develop GLOBAL FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS based on the most current EVIDENCE and NEUROSCIENCE. The QUALITY of movement is always more important than the QUANTITY!

The musculo-skeletal system is what allows us to move, but it is important to emphasize that it also plays an important role in the cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine and metabolic systems. Having knowledge of this is important for being able to aid in specific problems in these systems and to project better and faster results in implementing an ECOS program.

Who is ECOS intended for?
ECOS is intended for all those who want to improve their PERFORMANCE in their daily lives, routine activities and sports activities, depending on their current physical condition.

The ECOS concept is also important for developing a sense of responsibility in each individual for their own health, for exercising and adopting healthy lifestyle habits that respect the body’s natural processes of renewal, such as nutrition and sleep.

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